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Exotic Birds

We stock many beautiful Parrots!

Stock lines are limited!

Please call ahead to avoid disappointment. Stock may sell rapidly.

​​Breeding Pair of Princess Parrots(Blue)
Breeding Pair of Kakarikis (Cinnamon Hen & Pied Male)
Breeding Pair of Victorian Galahs
Breeding Pair of Galah + Short Billed Corella
Rainbow Lorikeet pairs
Adult Female Pearl Cockatiels
Red Rump Parrots (Males)
Baby Budgies
Baby Cockatiels
Baby Galahs
Adult Australian budgies (Clearwing + Pied)


Finches, Doves, Pigeons!


Always remember to call ahead, we hate to disappoint you.

Gouldian Finches (Males)
Zebra Finch Pairs
Gold Finch Pairs
Green Finch Pairs
Red faced parrot Finch pair
Whistling Canaries
Green Canaries
Fife/Common Canaries
Show Quality border canaries
Peaceful Dove Pairs(CreamxFawn lacewings)
Barbary Dove Pairs(Peach/Lavender/White)
Talapacoti Dove Pairs
Diamond Doves Pairs(Peach)
Emerald Dove (Single Male)