About Monika and Bird City


 I have been the very proud owner of Bird  City since 1997. Bird City has always been a specialized avicultural  shop. I have been an aviculturalist for approximately 40 years! 



I  specialize in all aspects of bird  keeping: Medical Issues, Hand-rearing, Parasite Control, Psychological  Issues, Physiological Issues, Specialized dietary needs, Toy control,  Breeder birds, Pet birds, Ornamental birds etc...

Private consultations are available too!


I  also provide assistance to Government  bodies/Animal Facilities (Vets, Zoos, Sanctuaries etc.) as well as  assisting the novice up to the professional breeder! I have also taken  part in Media work: T.V and Newspapers as well as pet expos. We also  support work experience students as best as possible. In such a  specialized field of course, placements are limited.